Rosas de patata
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Rosas de patata



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4 personas

  • 4 *Large potatoes

  • 50 g *Slightly salted butter

  • *Salt, pepper


Paso 1 /6

*Wow your holiday dinner guests with these stunning two-ingredient potato roses.

Paso 2 /6

*Cut the potatoes into very thin slices and arrange them into four lines, overlapping each slice.

  • 4 *Large potatoes

Paso 3 /6

*Brush with melted butter, roll them up and place in a mini muffin tin.

  • 50g *Slightly salted butter

Paso 4 /6

*Brush the tops with more butter and bake. Season to taste and serve!

  • *Salt, pepper

Paso 5 /6

*Simple, beautiful and delicious—they’re guaranteed to impress every time.

Paso 6 /6

*For this sophisticated yet easy recipe, you’ll need an oven, mandolin, pastry brush and mini muffin tin.