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Receta de Tefal

Gambas empanadas

Evaluación de una estrella (promedio)

1/5 -

  • Tiempo total 1 h 12 min
  • Preparación
    1 h
  • Cocción
    12 min
  • Refrigeración
    0 min


4 personas

  • 20 gambas

  • 250 g de harina

  • 4 huevos

  • 1 paquete de pan rallado

  • Aceite de oliva en pulverizador

  • Sal y pimienta


Paso 1 /7

Peel the prawns. Leave the tail. Place the flour, the beaten eggs and the breadcrumbs in three separate bowls.

Paso 2 /7

Take a prawn and coat it in flour and then egg before coating in breadcrumbs. Ensure it is well covered. Repeat the process for each prawn.

Paso 3 /7

Brush the breaded surfaces with oil. Place the prawns in the fridge for 30 min.

Paso 4 /7

Add an ActiFry spoon of oil to the pan to preheat and close the lid.

Paso 5 /7

Preheat for the time indicated.

Paso 6 /7

Carefully place the ingredients in the ActiFry pan. Try to ensure that there is only one layer of ingredients.

Paso 7 /7

Cook for the time indicated.