Receta de Tefal

Crumble de manzana y mango


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  • Tiempo total 42 min
  • Preparación
    15 min
  • Cocción
    27 min
  • Refrigeración
    0 min


4 personas


Paso 1 /5

*Place the mint in the pan on the handle side, followed by the diced mango. Place the diced apple in the opposite side, near the fan. Sprinkle the ginger over the apples. Pour the honey over the fruit. Close the lid.

Paso 2 /5

*Cook for the time indicated.

Paso 3 /5

*Set aside. Wash the ActiFry. Mix the flour and sugar in a bowl, add the butter and use your fingers to form a crumble (breadcrumb-type texture). Place the mixture and the hazelnuts in the ActiFry. Close the lid.

Paso 4 /5

*Cook for the time indicated to brown the crumble.

Paso 5 /5

*Serve in a glass; put the coulis in the bottom of the glass, followed by the fruit. Sprinkle with crumble.