Receta de Tefal

Crostini con tomates cherry salteados y alcachofas marinadas

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  • Tiempo total 29 min
  • Preparación
    13 min
  • Cocción
    16 min
  • Refrigeración
    0 min


6 personas


Paso 1 /3

*Place in the ActiFry pan in the following order: tomatoes, artichoke hearts, pine nuts, pesto, oil, salt, pepper and sugar. Add the onion to the bottom of the pan in the side opposite the handle. Close the lid.

Paso 2 /3

*Cook for the time indicated.

Paso 3 /3

*Toast the slices of bread. Rub with garlic. Spread the tomato and artichoke mix over the toast, which will absorb the juice.